This building is placed in one of Universitat de València's Campus, and we carried out the job with high performance plural component poliurethane membrane.

We started by retiring the gravel and the old thermal insulation and then we removed the deteriorated polymeric membrane to clear our path to the surface where we were going to stick the waterproofing system.

First step consistend in grinding and levelling all the concrete surface and when it was ready we applied a combination of PU and epoxi resins as primers. Once the primer layer was completely dry, we did the sealings and checked every singular point, this process was followed by the spraying og the hybrid PU membrane forming a 2mm elastic layer fully adhered to the surface.

Finally we protected the waterproofing system with new thermal insulation and gravel and for the walls we coated it with alifatic PU resin.
  • Contractor / Owner UV - DOC
  • Date2020
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