POLYTECH SYSTEMS main dedication is to perform a wide range of technical and advanced waterproofing and lining systems, thermal insulation systems and protective coatings to all kind of surfaces with high resistance and durability resins. Our misión is to offer high quality services that fulfill all requirements and quality standards and achieve a complete satisfaction from our customers.

For all that, our actions are oriented to reach excelence becoming and keeping between the most recognized compamies in our competitive market scope and answering all requirements that our customers demand.

In our eagerness of reaching the highest standards in quality and environmental terms, POLYTECH SYSTEMS has implanted a management systems base don ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 acquiring the following committment:

• Meeting our customers needs and expectatives by performing our jobs strictly accomplishing all quality standards offering them an added value to the final result.

• Improving our staff satisfaction through their continuous training, offering them the opportunity to grow and develop profesionally and doing the same with all our stakeholders considering their expectatives and providing complete transparency in our activities.

• Giving special care to training, both initially and through the years, keeping everyone updated in new technologies and products and in the respect for our environment.

• Identifying, evaluating and controlling all risk coming from our activities, taking preventing measures and considering our capabilities to achieve effectiveness in our activities.

• Accomplishing current legislation and the requirements we take voluntarely, both in quality and environmentally.

• Introducing new materials and systems with sustainability and trying to, gradually, implant them in the jobs we perform accomplishing the values of circular economy and all the SGD from the 2030 agenda.

• Preventing and reducing, everytime it is possible, the impact that our activities have in our environment.
From this guidelines, the directive team will mark specific goals related with quality and envirnment and encompassed in our strategic market scope in our aim to imprive and differenciate from our competitors.

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