Polytech Systems is a company that offers a great variety of services and specialised products for waterproofing, surface protection and building solutions in general, mainly for roofing and flooring based on LAM technology. It is a company considered, nowadays, as one of the leaders in this sector all over Spain.

They are specialised in desingning, planning and executing protective coatings and waterproofing linings in sectors such as industrial, marine, construction, aquatic and leisure, regardless the dimension or complexity of both new or rehabilitation projects, in which we can outline parking decks, green roofs, poliurethane and epoxi resin flooring, sport flooring, antislip flooring,high technology waterproofing, tanks or kind of pools among others.

Its large infraestructure and professional labour force allows the company to determine the best solution needed to solve each contructive problem our clients can come across or in the other hand, adapting completely to the requirements demanded on the projects presented to us.

One of our prime concerns is to optimise the cost efficiency in our client's investments, ensuring the best quality in every project done.