The viewpoints offer an unprecedented view of Logroño that is already receiving the first visits

This job was done by Polytech Systems

Logroño enjoys its raised garden from today. The large park on the underground, which already opened its first 10,000 square meters last October between Lope Toledo and Eliseo Pinedo, has been completed with an additional 25,000 square meters, corresponding to the "soft hill" that rises to the cover of the railway station between Juan Boscán and avenida de Colón. This was defined at the time by its creator, the architect Iñaki Ábalos, and already at this moment the first Loggers who have come to know it on the ground can attest.

The president of La Rioja, Pedro Sanz, and the mayor of Logroño, Cuca Gamarra, have officially opened the more than 35,000 square meters of green area that have radically transformed the area, also connecting the neighborhoods of Cascajos and Lobete on foot. "A large green lung in the center, with a viewpoint that allows us an unprecedented view of top of Logroño", in the words of the authorities, taken from the center of the former road beach.

A project that started from the premise of adapting to the different starting circumstances of the land. On the one hand, in the East, a large flat area where the skylights that illuminate the area of ​​platforms stand out; and on the other, in the western zone over the underground station, where the topography and the triangulation of the slab conditioned the intervention resulting in a garden in height. The landscape designer responsible for the design of this large green area has been Teresa Galí, together with Ábalos himself and Renata Sentkievicz.